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On-Premise IP PBX & Cloud-Based PBX Services

Last updated: 12 Apr 2023
On-Premise IP PBX & Cloud-Based PBX Services

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PBX with a modern touch.

The way people communicate is constantly changing, and your customers expect to engage with your business in a meaningful way. Stay connected with them by upgrading your dusty old phone systems to a Private Branch Exchange.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems offer businesses more flexibility and customization. They allow users to communicate via hardware connected to a telephone network. Depending on the size and complexity of your business, you can choose from either cloud-based PBX or on-premise IP PBX.

With BlackPoint IT, you can customize your telecom solution to fit your company’s needs.

Discover how PBX can streamline your communications and keep you better connected with employees and customers.

Call Management

Design and implement your desired call parameters. We’ll help you get started on choosing your direction and set your own rules in your PBX network tree.

Interactive Voice Response

Improve efficiency and service quality with customizable greetings and menus ready to accommodate your customers. We’ll take care of the technicalities needed to identify your caller’s intent.

Direct Inward Dialing

Ensure there are no missed opportunities and all calls are covered. We’ll guide you through assigning a dedicated number for each employee without worrying about a separate phone system.

Virtual Contact Center

Effortlessly synchronize customer relations with your operations wherever they are. We’ll help you deliver a personalized and consistent experience for every customer using your contact center.

Unified Communications

Integrate enterprise-grade features into your PBX systems. We’ll help you leverage the power of web conferencing, phone, chats, and more in one solution.

Toll-Free Numbers

Enable calls to reach anyone, anytime, and anywhere on any device. We will arm you with a solution that represents your local presence even when you’re on the other side of the world.

Cloud-Based PBX

Sometimes referred to as “hosted PBX,” a cloud-based PBX might be ideal for smaller businesses that don’t have the physical infrastructure to maintain an on-site setup. With a hosted PBX, the service provider houses the system for you. There are several benefits to using a cloud-based PBX:

  • Uses an internet connection – This saves you additional expenses and headaches from maintaining phone lines and servers.
  • Works remotely – You can take phone calls from any mobile device, VoIP desktop phone, or webphone, leading to a more connected team and better customer service.
  • Easier to set up and maintain – Use a web-based interface to install and run your phone network. Let the provider do all the maintenance for you.
  • Lower startup costs – You can avoid the extra costs of setting up and maintaining an on-premise IP PBX and pay for only what you use.

On-Premise IP PBX

Some businesses may still want to have transparency and control over their communication lines. An on-premise IP PBX is installed on-site and uses IP routing for phone calls rather than a traditional phone line. Housing your PBX system on-premise gives you complete control over business communications and can save you money in the long run.

With BlackPoint IT, you have a variety of options available—types of phones, number of extensions, choice of trunks, and complex features. Our solution architects will guide you every step of the way to weigh in which would work best for your business’ needs.

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Effortlessly integrate with the cloud.

In today’s environment, it’s more important than ever to keep your communications system unified and connected. Whether to enable remote workers or stay connected with a branch office, you can integrate cloud features with hosted PBX or on-premise IP PBX.
Demand for PBX migration is on the rise. Integrate mobile and desktop softphones with Unified Communications (UC) features. BlackPoint IT’s PBX solutions will enable you to have a straightforward approach to incorporating UC features into your legacy phone systems.

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Get training from the experts.

Once your PBX is ready, you’ll get training and management support from our team of experts. We’ll help your employees become independent power users of your new phone system, crafting an onboarding program that fits your business’s needs.

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Benefit from 24/7 IT support.

Communication technology specialists are available around the clock and ready to assist you with any issues and concerns. Whether fixing a bug, adding users, or scaling your phone service, we will accommodate and address all your issues at no additional cost.

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Level up your on-premise IP PBX.

Lower monthly costs

After the initial setup, monthly costs for your PBX can drop significantly, saving you money in the long run.

Greater control

Have complete control over your PBX system and its users with simple changes and updates to your interface.

Increased flexibility

Create the system that’s right for your business. Work with as many locations, users, and phone lines as you want without any hiccups.

Virtual communications

Integrate your phone system with cloud-based apps to simplify call handling and create a better experience for employees and customers.