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UCaaS vs. VoIP: What’s the difference?

Last updated: 13 Apr 2023

When it’s time to update communications, most enterprises will consider both Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). The two are not opposites, but rather two different levels of service along the same spectrum of Internet-based communications tools.

The choice between VoIP and UCaaS generally depends on the needs of the enterprise surrounding a few key areas. First, the benefits of each type of technology:

VoIP: The implementation of VoIP often comes with significant cost savings on long-distance, international, and inter-office calls. Simplified call center management and built-in mobility are often a reason to switch to VoIP. In most cases, vendors that offer VoIP can scale the client up to UCaaS as the need arises.

UCaaS: The migration to unified communications is often driven by particular business processes, such as a need for video or the increasing influence of remote, virtual teams. Several benefits that come with UCaaS, including a uniform experience for end-users.

How to determine the right option for your enterprise:

The decision between VoIP and UCaaS often comes down to a few key factors.

  1. The need for video conferencing: If your organization only uses video occasionally and doesn’t rely heavily on remote workers or virtual teams, you likely won’t need UCaaS. VoIP will fit your needs.
  2. A demand for flexible unified communications formats: You may primarily hear from your customers via phone, but there’s a good chance that your millennial target market would rather use text or email to contact you. Offering your customers flexibility through a single application is often a motivator for choosing UCaaS.
  3. A team that needs shared workspaces: If you find that innovation and growth rely on the ability to share access to documents or collaborate over projects, then UCaaS might be the right choice. UCaaS offers enhanced opportunities for innovation, brainstorming, and collaboration that are not possible without this technology.
  4. Flexibility needs: Both VoIP and UCaaS offer scalability, but UCaaS allows you to expand into more integrated solutions, as well as add and eliminate services as needed.

The right vendor will be able to help you choose the solution you need, or implement VoIP with the expectation that you may eventually require UCaaS. Whether you need to prioritize mobility, stability, or the flexibility to expand as your enterprise grows, contact us at BlackPoint IT Services. We can help you determine the right solution for your situation.